About Us

Black Faced Sheep is family-owned and operated small business, based in the charming town of Maple Valley, Washington. Specializing in creating beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind crosses that honor our Savior. 

Don and Diana started out by owning a storefront in the small town of Monument, Colorado.  Don who is a gifted woodworker, created quite a following of people who came to their store just to buy his crosses.  When they chose to close the storefront, people started frantically emailing them asking if he would still create crosses for them.  This led them to open up an Etsy store and selling wholesale to other stores.   He's been commissioned to create crosses (now numbering in the thousands) that have gone all over the world.   He's made crosses that have hung over alters in churches, and hundreds that have gone on missions to be handed out to those who need the most hope.   Mostly, they are given as unique, one-of-a-kind gifts to anyone from retiring clergy,  to a couple starting their life, to the newborn just starting theirs, and everyone in between.   

Don loves to find the beauty hidden within a piece of untouched wood and fills the natural cracks with inlaid turquoise, making the weakest parts of the wood now the strongest.  Diana, who is an elementary school teacher by day, helps to keep the business end of Black Faced Sheep organized.   

If there is anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Don will be more than happy to do custom pieces.  He doesn't charge any differently for a custom piece.  He'll communicate with you through the entire process to create exactly what you want.  We often hear that the final result is far more than what was first imagined.  

Don and Diana Johns

Don and Diana Johns

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting a small business. 
Don and Diana live in Maple Valley, Washington and are proud parents to six incredible children and one new son-in-law.